Client story - Rachel

Rachel* came in for pregnancy testing last year. Young, in a dating relationship, and now pregnant. The Client Advocate wrote in the notes: “She is considering abortion because she is confused, and she wants only abortion information.” Rachel received an ultrasound that day, and the ultrasound nurse shared that the client was “undecided about how to proceed” but that the “unborn baby was clearly visible, with a heartbeat.” The Client Advocate gave Rachel the opportunity to process and think through each of her pregnancy options.

At her follow-up visit, Rachel shared that she couldn’t decide between abortion and parenting. Her biggest concern was “not being ready” – mentally and practically. The Client Advocate emphasized that Options for Women/River Falls was there for her and conveyed how much genuine care was available. “It is nice to know there are people besides family who are there for support,” Rachel responded.


Christmas Break

One afternoon, before heading home for the night and Christmas break, one of the Client Advocates reached out to let Rachel know she was being thought of and wished her a Merry Christmas. Rachel responded right away, and it became clear she was struggling.

The Client Advocate summarized the next several days of communication in her notes: “Rachel has an abortion scheduled.” Despite the clinic being closed over Christmas, the Client Advocate kept in contact with Rachel, encouraging her with offers of support and inviting her to make a decision that might not be easy but would be the right thing. Because Rachel was so close to abortion and locked in her own head, the Client Advocate was lovingly direct with her, encouraging her to consider the situation from the baby’s perspective and to give her child a chance at life. Rachel did not respond.

I Need Your Help Now

Several more difficult weeks went by, with no response from Rachel. Finally, she reached out to say she had decided to choose life for her child! “Is there any time we can meet up soon? I need your help now, and I’m sorry I haven’t been accepting it,” she said. Rachel was nervous about telling her family, had not been eating well, did not have insurance coverage, and had not yet found a doctor. Again, the Client Advocate was right there with her, walked her through ideas for sharing news of her pregnancy, helped her apply for insurance, and gave her some educational information on pregnancy nutrition. A few days later, the Client Advocate helped Rachel set her first prenatal appointment with a life-affirming physician and connected her with the WIC food resource program.

When a woman gets so close to having an abortion, it is hard not to hold extra concern for her and her baby throughout the pregnancy. Then Rachel disappeared again.

Beautiful New Life

Until just a few weeks ago…. “Hey, this is Rachel. I know I went pretty much ‘missing in action,’ but I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for my boyfriend and I. I don’t think the outcome we have would have happened without your help. I gave birth to a baby boy last week!!!”

Despite an abortion appointment on the calendar and several periods of disappearing with no contact, we were blessed that, in Rachel’s case, God let us know that we were a part of something good. Now there is a beautiful little new life in the world!

*Client’s name changed for confidentiality.


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