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Melissa’s* Experience with Someone Beautiful

Melissa's Story with Someone Beautiful

“I am experiencing Options for Women from afar. I live in South Carolina and heard about the program through a great friend of mine who recognized my need for what they offer. It took me a couple of weeks to be brave enough to ask for help with the overwhelmingness that is life right now for me. I wondered how difficult it would be from so far away. Well, now I don’t wonder, I know. The videophone appointments have been easy and a good way to connect with them. Gives me the human connection I desperately need right now.


Everyone I have encountered at Options for Women has been encouraging, kind, and full of hope.


I find I have difficulty opening up. But, with these ladies, it’s easy, and I’m not judged for being real and raw. They welcome that side of me actually!! It’s simple – they meet the needs of women with the options they provide. They’ve given me back hope, which I didn’t even know I was slowly losing until starting with them.”


*Name changed for client’s confidentiality


“The human person is a unique composite – a unity of spirit and matter, soul and body, fashioned in the image of God, and destined to live forever. Every human life is sacred because every human person is sacred.” – St. John Paul II