Someone Beautiful

We like to say that the clients invented the newest program here at Options for Women/River Falls. When visiting for services, the women open up about their lives, their relationships, their struggles. Layers of need and potential, encompassing so many areas of their lives and so many elements of who they are as women, become apparent as our clients share with such trust. Because we see our clients as people, not appointments, and because we truly care about them as beautiful women of value, we accepted the opportunity to go deeper. And Someone Beautiful was born – our effort to serve women in a more personal, more life-impacting, future-shaping way than ever before.

A personalized program, women individually choose areas of focus from a list of eleven core foundational elements of what it means to be a woman. “Healthy, happy, whole – so you can face life with confidence” is the tagline for the Someone Beautiful program. The ultimate goal is to provide women with the opportunity to invest in themselves, to grow, and to reshape their future. All this is accomplished with the encouragement of the “staff family,” who provide women with the resources, materials, and support they need throughout the program.

The curriculum was developed right in-clinic to meet the specific needs of the specific women we serve. Topics were included because they were actual needs of actual women we were serving, and the eleven all taken together represent a solid foundation for a healthy, happy, whole life. Women can choose from any of the following:

Goal-setting, Authentic Womanhood, Values & What is Important to You, Life Coaching, FEMM, Faith & God, Healthy Relationships, “Garbage In, Garbage Out,” Mental Health & Healing from the Past, Self-esteem, Friendship.

The staff at Options for Women / River Falls became even more excited about Someone Beautiful when we realized the program’s potential for multi-generational impact. If a woman has the opportunity, resources, and support to positively reshape the direction of her life, this can, in turn, give her child a much more hopeful future. Someone Beautiful not only helps women find health, happiness, and wholeness as women, it also has the potential to “break the cycle” and give her child a brighter start.


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