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The Critical Impact of Pregnancy Resource Clinics

The Critical Impact of Pregnancy Resource Centers

Pregnancy Resource Centers Are Under Attack

But We Know Their Positive Impact is Significant

Pro-life clinics, often referred to as Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs), have faced a plentiful amount of criticism from abortion advocates. Recently, PRCs have faced so much criticism that pro-abortion extremists have turned to vandalism, attacks, death threats, and persecution of pro-life clinics and churches. Despite the negativity and threats, clinics such as Options for Women – River Falls continue to provide life saving services to those in need. Options for Women provides invaluable support and healthcare services and support to women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Read the full white paper that explores the true nature of pregnancy support and healthcare, comparing the services offered by PRCs like Options for Women with those provided by money hungry organizations like Planned Parenthood.

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