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A Bitter Pill: Navigating the Frontline in the Battle For Life

Abortion Pill Access Has Changed The Game

Following the FDA approval of the abortion pill in 2000, safety rules for the pill have been continually reduced and weakened, bringing more and more women into the deathly grip of medication abortion. The abortion pill is touted as a safe and effective way to end a pregnancy. This is a cheap tagline for a drug that ends a unique life and negatively affects millions of women. Just within the formal US healthcare system, abortion pill use has increased from 53% of all abortions in 2020 to 63% in 2023.

Options for Women – River Falls understands that reaching women who have just discovered they are pregnant is critical in their early decision phase. And with the easy availability of the abortion pill, we must reach her earlier than ever.

Read the full white paper that explores the shady background of the abortion pill, how censorship is blocking pregnancy resource centers like Options For Women, and how you can make a difference in the fight for abortion vulnerable women.

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