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Though the left may try, the impact of an ultrasound cannot be denied: Pregnancy Help News Article

Impact of an Ultrasound

The Executive Director of Options for Women – River Falls had a piece published in an online news journal called Pregnancy Help News. Retired OB-GYN Lloyd Holm writes about “Though the left may try, the impact of an ultrasound cannot be denied.” Read part of the article below and click on the link to read the full article.

Ultrasound plays a pivotal role in the hotly debated world of abortion. As of September 2023, 27 states regulate the provision of an ultrasound by an abortion provider. Of these 27 states, 10 mandate an abortion provider perform an ultrasound at the time of an abortion and eight states require that the provider of an abortion offer the patient the opportunity to view the ultrasound image prior to an abortion.

Though the research in this area is admittedly scant, the data available pertaining to ultrasound’s role in a woman’s abortion decision, as interpreted by the abortion advocates and the anti-abortion advocates, are as far apart as night and day. Truly, the distinction is black and white.

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