Executive Director's Report Fall 2023

When the waning days of summer usher in fall, and the seasonal changes we surely will come to dread force us into our winter cocoons, we ultimately find comfort in the fact that spring will eventually arrive. This we know with absolute certainty.

On the other hand, the societal changes threatening to envelope us don’t seem to be as seasonal as they once did. When Bob Dylan famously sang in 1964, The Times They Are A’Changin’, the changes that came about, especially in the 60s, were noteworthy, but the foundation of our society and nation was still intact. Therefore, the changes weren’t so unsettling. But now, the very foundation of our republic seems to be at risk. Indeed, fewer and fewer seem optimistic that things will return to normal, at least anytime soon. Burying one’s head in the sand is not the answer. But, just what is the answer?

Clearly, the foundation upon which our republic stands needs strengthening. The most effective solution is to exercise our right and duty as citizens to vote for representatives that will guide us through this storm with integrity and faithfulness to God’s word. Anything less is a form of surrender to the forces of evil threatening the very way of life we cherish.


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