Thank you for being one of our ones

In the following pages, you will learn about the new opportunities unfolding here at Options for Women/River Falls. Yes, there are developments that are reshaping the ministry as a whole, forever. And this is breathtakingly exciting! Here, you will be invited to share our joy about a brand new service program, an expanded clinic schedule, an incredible accreditation opportunity, and more.

Yes, it is encouraging to see the ministry growing like this. But it is those “one’s” that are even more beautiful and life-changingly powerful – one more new volunteer serving a client in a way that makes me just love my staff, one more hurting college girl saying “I appreciate you” when she finds someone here who cares and gives her renewed hope, one more donor sneaking a check into our mailbox to keep the ministry thriving.

The power of one life positively changed…the power of one person to do it. Thank you for being that one person. Through your prayers and financial support, you have helped make the developments you are about to read about possible. I humbly ask you to read, get inspired, and stay engaged. Because one life changed is important, because the power of one is amazing…and it’s doing great things right here.

“You will be My people, and I will be your God.” Jeremiah 30:22

~Always His, Marie Zweber (I got married in October)

Executive Director


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