Message from Board of Directors

Over the last year, the Board of Directors of Options for Women/River Falls has worked hard to continue protecting our staff and clients while carrying out our mission amid the ever-changing information and protocols related to Covid and associated government regulations. During this time, our clinic has remained open, our clients have been served, and the continued success of this ministry has even allowed us to expand our hours and service offerings.

With our focus turned toward safeguarding our staff and clients, the board has elected to forego a fall banquet to ensure similar protections for our faithful donors and supporters. We have instead chosen to hold our banquet in the spring of 2022 in anticipation that the Covid situation will be stabilized.

A spring banquet does not lessen the need for support this fall and winter. Over the last year, our donors and supporters stood beside us with an outpouring of generosity that enabled us to continue the life-saving work of our clinic and satellite locations, extend hours and offerings to better serve our clients, expand our paid medical staff and volunteers, and further equip our staff and volunteers through additional training.

Because none of this would be possible without your gifts, the Board of Directors is asking that you prayerfully consider your continued support of this ministry and our life-saving work, whether through recurring gifts, a year-end contribution, or both.

Thank you for your dedication to our mission of changing hearts and saving lives throughout St. Croix County, Pierce County, and Pepin County.

God Bless

John R. Danneker

President of the Board


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