Spring Banquet Recap

After a three-year absence, Options for Women River Falls held a banquet on May 10th at Kilkarney Hills Golf Club.

“Thank you” is the best way to describe everyone involved in ensuring the success of the Fundraising Banquet for Options for Women River Falls. Our supporters ensured it was one of the best banquets in our history.

Kirk Walden, our keynote speaker, gave a wonderful presentation full of humor and personal examples of his experience with the pro-life industry, as well as the impact of becoming a father again in his late 40s. We also heard from two of our clients who gave impressing and heartwarming testimonies of their experience choosing life. They gave concrete examples of how the staff and volunteers supported them materially and emotionally.

Thanks to the tremendous support, we will be able to continue serving our community of women, men and children in this challenging political climate.

Again, my deepest and heartfelt thanks to our supporters for an extraordinarily successful banquet this year!

To Life!

Tony Nasvik

Banquet Chair


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