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Ericka’s Story

Ericka's Story

She just came to the clinic really recently. Ericka booked her own appointment online, with one word in the appointment notes section – “Abortion.”

She shared that this was not an expected pregnancy and that she was “stressed and overwhelmed.” Already having a little one in her care, she wondered if she could handle another baby. Ericka shared with the Client Advocate that barriers such as her parents’ reaction, finances, the logistics of parenting with a man she wasn’t really dating, etc. all were pushing her towards the abortion option.

After performing a pregnancy test, the Client Advocate spent some intentional quality time going through the three different pregnancy options with the client, inviting her to consider each option according to her values, according to how her situation could change over time, and then also from the baby’s perspective. Ericka was very open and honest during the conversation. Given this safe space and caring guidance, she was able to verbalize that what really mattered to her deep down was who she is as a person and who her baby is as a person. She put into words that parenting was the choice that best aligned with her values and her baby’s identity.

The Client Advocate scheduled Ericka for an ultrasound and also sent her home with tons of helpful information to give her confidence in her situation, including information about the support available at Options for Women / River Falls. “We will help you,” the Advocate told Ericka. “We will help you make this work.”

Just as Ericka was getting ready to leave, the Client Advocate asked her, “Ericka, do you feel like we met the goal I shared with you at the beginning of your appointment: informing and empowering you to be able to make the best decision?” Her one-word answer, “Yes,” was simple but so powerful.

*Client’s name changed for confidentiality