Client Support Through Prolife Network

“People who are pro-life only care about the mom until she decides not to have an abortion.”

“Pro-life people only care about the baby. The mom is left to face all the challenges of raising a child on her own.”

These are two of the most commonly heard arguments from those who think women need abortion when they find themselves in a difficult situation.

Here at Options for Women/River Falls, we are 110% committed to rebut those arguments. As our Client Advocates tell the women we serve, “If you have a specific need, just ask…Because we can either help, or we know someone who can!”

Client Advocates are trained to provide “case management” services for the clients who visit the clinic. From job applications to housing assistance, connection to mental health help, and financial assistance, Client Advocates walk alongside women until their child is 2 years old, to help them meet the practical needs that come with bringing a new life into the world.

However, sometimes our clients have needs that are so immediate, so personal, or so important that a different kind of solution is called for. That is why Options for Women/River Falls has been growing its “Pro-Life Support Network.” This is a group of individuals, churches, ministry groups, and organizations that partner with our clinic to serve clients at a more personal level.

An example will help demonstrate the power of the Pro-Life Support Network…

“Hello, my name is Karissa. I am a single mother of a 2-year-old boy and a 10 month-old girl. We moved up here this Spring, and we have kind of had a tough go at things. Trying to lean into helpful resources can be sort of nerve-wracking for some mothers (especially when family is scarce).

So, as we searched for a new beginning and stability, I struggled to trust the Lord’s plan for us. As time went on, we still had a hard time – kept running into unhealthy environments. We had to move out from the last home we were in, and nothing was available in the area. So I found myself on the living room floor, asking the Lord for guidance and to please take our lives fully into His hands, to show me the right way. And I give Him full control and trust His every move.

The next morning, I called Our Neighbors Place, spoke with a woman name Sara, and she had mentioned Options for Women!!!! I prayed on it and began to get overwhelmed with emotion as a woman who struggles with trusting society and their outlook on struggles of a parent.


“I cried out “Lord, please cover us and break every chain in Jesus’ name.” I then called Options for Women AND FOUND A BIGGER BLESSING THAN I COULD’VE IMAGINED. They had found my 2 children and I a wonderful home. Not only that, they made it their mission to make sure we don’t lose our things and we had everything we needed. They are such a blessing. There is power in prayer like no other.

I am currently still in cooperation with them and thankfully so. They have found us so many things to help, and they respect our privacy and humanity. We are all struggling as parents as covid 19 continues. So as a mother and witness to Options for Women, I urge anyone struggling or finding themselves in a bind to reach out to Options for Women. Feel at peace with being totally transparent with them and staying in touch. They are trustable and treat all with love and kindness. Thank you Options for Women.”

Karissa’s story demonstrates the power of what is possible when the body of Christ comes together in an effort to love and help. The home Karissa mentioned we found for her was with a generous couple who knew about Options for Women/River Falls from a church connection. When this couple heard about Karissa’s situation, they took her and her children in to live with them for several days until more permanent arrangements could be made. This was after another big-hearted couple, friends of Options for Women/River Falls through Faith Community Church’s Missional Community, drove to pick Karissa, her children, and all of her belongings up in order to get her to River Falls. The peace and joy that radiate from Karissa’s personal story are a beautiful testimony that more can be done – more lives can be changed – when we work together. Thank you, Pro-Life Support Network!

If you or someone you know are interested in becoming part of the Pro-Life Support Network, call or email Marie at 715-425-8539 and You could babysit a single mother’s little one for an hour each week to give her a break, or help a mom tidy up her house so she feels less overwhelmed with motherhood, or bless a client financially with a practical need of daily living. The possibilities are as unique as the client, but each situation – each life – is so important and worthy of support!


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