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Abortion is NOT Healthcare: 3 Truths for Defending Life

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For many pro-life advocates, we often feel like we don’t have all the information we need to make a clear and concise argument. We can also feel intimidated by the rage of the pro-abortion fanatics. This is why it’s so critical to be prepared to defend the truth of issues at the center of the pro-life debate.

Argument One: A Clump of Cells? Or Human?

Pro-abortion Argument: It’s just a clump of cells, not a real human.

Pro-life Response: Every living being is technically a clump of cells. You and I are both made up of cells. Cells define life. Animals, plants, and humans have cells that make up their matter and existence. Once a cell forms, it already contains the genetic code for that person, consisting of DNA and chromosomes. Those chromosomes determine if the person is male or female and what physical traits they have.

An abortion activist can rightly use the “cluster of cells” term for about one week of a pregnancy. That’s it! After that the cluster of cells begins to form a legitimate human being. The zygote starts dividing and multiplying within hours of conception. Just a week later, the embryo already “has three distinct layers of cells that will grow into the specialized parts of your baby’s body.” And two weeks after that (6th week of pregnancy), a heartbeat can be found…

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