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Christmas Gift 2023

Christmas Gift 2023

By the time you are reading this final newsletter of 2023, Advent will have begun. In anticipation of the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we all embrace certain family traditions, many of which are centered around the Nativity. More secular observances center on decorating the family Christmas tree and other festive activities.

Whatever traditions you and your family enjoy, we at Options for Women – River Falls would like to share something with you that will surely enrich this year’s Advent, and hopefully, all Advent seasons to come. In a sense, our Christmas gift to you, our supporters.

In 1986, while driving home on a cold wintry night, I was spellbound listening to the program filling the airways entitled, The Anthology of the Sacred Christmas Carol by musician and composer, James Sundquist. Mr. Sundquist’s thoroughly researched history of the sacred Christmas carols is professionally narrated and combined with James’ performance of each carol on the classical guitar. At the time in 1986, the program was available on cassette tape and recently, I discovered the program is available online.

To “open” your gift, either scan the QR code with your phone following my report or click on the following link and enjoy James Sundquist’s, The Anthology of the Sacred Christmas Carol.


I would encourage you to share this wonderful program with friends and family.

On behalf of the entire Options for Women/River Falls family, Thank You for your support and have a Merry Christmas.

QR Code for Christmas Carol audio